Toxic perfume makes Abercrombie an archery target

Published: 03rd March 2011
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Recently more and more folk get acquainted with perfume "Fierce", which can often be spotted in Webpage and paper just about everyday, become rather more famous than classic NO.5 Chanel. What happened? Some staff and buyers in abercrombie sales store complained of headaches, sore throats, coughing and revulsion when working and shopping in the "unfriendly" atomosphere. As a technician who has worked with frangrance for almost 10 years, these symptom appears never showed on me when I spend as long as twenty mins in abercrombie stores.

According to kids Turning Green, a study carried out by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found the following about AF's Fierce Cologne spray :

1.Eight sensitizing chemicals associated with allergic reactions such as asthma, puffing, headaches, and contact dermatitis.

2.Eleven chemicals not noted on the label because of a loophole in Fed. law that allows corporations to claim perfume ingredients as trade techniques.

As everyone knows, each sort of perfume is not manufactured by any machine or high technology but by skilled perfumer with at least 5 years experience with their noses. In the process of the creation for a new perfume, the perfume must've been smelled by a group of perfumer throusands of times. If the perfume is noxious, the perfumer should be poisoned first. Considering this, I would like to assert how toxic the perfume can be since it's been evaluated by so many perfumers.

Talking about 8 sensitizing chemicals, I can tell that each kind of perfume is a mix of many frangrance ingredient as Rose oil, vanillin and so on , and each frangrance ingredient could be a mix of throusands of chemicals. We will be able to come to the conclusion that there are as much as millions of chemicals in on single bottle of perfume. There will be not shadow of doubt to find a few chemicals connected with allergic reactions. Not Just the "Fierce", if we do trace analysis to NO.5 from Chanel, ture love Dior, I am sure that your can also find one or two sensitizing chemicals hided in these classic world famous brands for these chemicals only take a trace amount, they will not do any harm to human body.

As for Eleven chemicals not mentioned on the label, the ingredient of a perfume is a patent owned by Abercrombiefitch L.T.D, just like Coca Cola. Has anyone doubt the secret of Coca Cola ingredients may has potential risk to human health? Since it has been drinken by American folks for virtually one hundred years. I'll say not all of the folk like it, some people do feel revulsion and stomach discomfort after drinking it, but we will be able to judge that it's noxious by the symptom of a couple of people.

Luckly, suffered by this toxic perfume tempest, abercrombie salesrecords still goes up since the start for summer season, Apprently this affair has not cause any cataclysmic damage to abercrombie 's reputation.

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